The George Washington University – School of Business

IPM, International Project Management 
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    • WordPress
    • Prince2 Foudation
    • ITIL V3 Foundation (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
    • BiSL 2 Foundation (Business Information Management)
    • ASL 2 Foundation (Application Management)
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  • Advanced Oprations (Bull)
      • GCOS8 Database Administration (Bull)GCOS8 Database Administration (Bull)
      • Integrity Controll Administration (Bull)Integrity Controll Administration (Bull)
  • DataBalk Zorg BV

    • DBS Technisch Applicatiebeheer (DBS)DBS Technisch Applicatiebeheer (DBS)
    • Doeltreffend Rapporteren (Van ’t Loo)Doeltreffend Rapporteren (Van ’t Loo)
  • Interpolis

    • AS400 (IBM)AS400 (IBM)
    • MVS/XA Oprations (IBM)MVS/XA Oprations (IBM)
  • Audax

    • ITIL Essentials (Exin)ITIL Essentials (Exin)
  • IBM Global Services

    • From opertunity to service delivery contracts (IBM Business School)From opertunity to service delivery contracts (IBM Business School)
  • The George Washington University – School of Business

    • Project Life Cycle and Organization (IBM Business School)Project Life Cycle and Organization (IBM Business School)
    • Project Management Processes for a Project (IBM Business School)Project Management Processes for a Project (IBM Business School)
    • Project Integration Management (IBM Business School)Project Integration Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Scope Management (IBM Business School)Project Scope Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Time Management (IBM Business School)Project Time Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Cost Management (IBM Business School)Project Cost Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Quality Management (IBM Business School)Project Quality Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Human Resource Management (IBM Business School)Project Human Resource Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Communications Management (IBM Business School)Project Communications Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Risk Management (IBM Business School)Project Risk Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Procurement Management (IBM Business School)Project Procurement Management (IBM Business School)
    • Project Stakeholder Management (IBM Business School)Project Stakeholder Management (IBM Business School)
  • Cegeka Nederland

    • Zorgwetgeving
    • SQL2012 Administration (Microsoft)SQL2012 Administration (Microsoft)
  • Afzonderlijke cursussen

    • HBO Middle Management
    • HBO Voortgezet Management (ISBW Avond School)HBO Voortgezet Management (ISBW Avond School)
    • AMBI I1 (Basiskennis Informatica) (LOI)AMBI I1 (Basiskennis Informatica) (LOI)
    • AMBI I2 (Basiskennis Informatica) (LOI)AMBI I2 (Basiskennis Informatica) (LOI)
    • AMBI B1 (Basiskennis Bestandsbeheer) (LOI)AMBI B1 (Basiskennis Bestandsbeheer) (LOI)
    • AMBI B2 (Basiskennis Bestandsbeheer) (LOI)AMBI B2 (Basiskennis Bestandsbeheer) (LOI)
    • AMBI T2 (Cobol-74) (LOI)AMBI T2 (Cobol-74) (LOI)
    • AMBI T4 (Cobol-85) (LOI)AMBI T4 (Cobol-85) (LOI)
    • AMBI HS (Kantoor automatisering) (LOI)AMBI HS (Kantoor automatisering) (LOI)
    • Nima A (LOI)Nima A (LOI)